Air Tahiti Nui Moana economy cabin

Condizioni generali di vendita

Air Tahiti Nui is committed to providing all of its passengers with the highest level of customer service. Accordingly, the airline will provide the following services which are applicable on all of our scheduled and charter flights to and from the United States, with certain provisions if your ticket has been purchased outside of the United States or if a specific event occurs outside of the United States. In accordance with DOT’s rule, our Customer Service Plan covers the following topics:

Notifying Our Customers of the Lowest Fares

When a customer inquires about a fare or makes a reservation by calling our reservation center, visiting our website, or speaking to a representative at one of our ticket counters, we will inform them that the lowest fare offered by us on a particular ticket may be available elsewhere if that is the case.

Allowing Our Customers to Keep and/or Cancel Reservations for 24 Hours

When you make a reservation with us, we will allow you to cancel your reservation without penalty for 24 hours, so long as you make the reservation at least one week prior to the flight’s departure. Refund of payment will be made within 7 days if payment by credit card and 20 days if by check or cash. If you have questions regarding these polices, please speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Disclosing Travel Policies that may Affect Our Customers’ Travel

For online reservations, information on cancellation penalties will be available during the booking process. For call centers bookings, the information will be provided by one of our reservations agents and you may refer to our website. Terms and conditions of the Club Tiare frequent flyer program can be found on our website. Click here to download the Club Tiare general terms and conditions. Aircraft seating configuration and lavatory availability can be viewed too. Click here to zoom in the seating map

Providing Our Customers with Prompt Ticket Refunds

We will, to the best of our ability, strive to process eligible refunds in the time frames listed below, if your ticket was purchased in the United States. Please note that refunds cannot be processed until we receive all necessary information from the passenger and that some tickets are not refundable. Customers may apply for a refund for unused tickets by sending in the mail the following information:

  1. A copy of the ticket or the ticket number;
  2. Passenger’s original form of payment which if by credit card must include credit card number, credit card type, and expiration date;
  3. Email or written address to send receipt;
  4. If payment is by cash or check, please also provide a current mailing address and name to whom payment should be refunded.


Upon receipt of the correct information, the airline will process a refund within seven (7) days for credit card purchase and twenty (20) days for cash or checks. This applies for tickets purchased in the U.S.

In certain circumstances including flight cancellations and oversales, we will refund fees charged to a passenger for optional services that the passenger was unable to use.

It may take credit card refunds multiple billing cycles to appear on your credit card statement. Please contact your credit card company to ensure the refund was properly processed.

All refund requests must be sent to:

Air Tahiti Nui, Refund Accounting
5901 West Century Blvd, Suite 1414
Los Angeles, CA 90045

In some circumstances, such as lost ticket refunds, adjustment refunds, and refunds for tickets purchased outside the United States, we cannot accommodate refund requests within the time frames listed above.

Notifying Our Customers of Itinerary Changes

We will strive to notify you as quickly as possible of any changes in your travel itinerary. If you have a question about an upcoming flight, please call us in the United States at 1 (877) 824-4846.

Notifying Our Customers of Flight Delays, Cancellations, and Diversions

On applicable flights, we will notify ticket-holding passengers and the general public if the flight’s status changes. In the event ticket-holding passengers have not provided contact information to us, we shall notify the booking agent, who shall be the responsible party to inform the ticket holder.

A change in the flight’s status is defined as a cancellation, diversion, or a delay of more than 30 minutes. For flights at a US airport, we will notify passengers and the general public of flight status changes within 30 minutes after we learn of the change. We will notify customers and agents of any change as soon as possible. If we become aware of additional changes to a flight’s status, we will notify passengers and the general public within 30 minutes, or as soon as possible, after we learn of the additional change. We will provide flight status information to passengers in the boarding gate area for the flight at a U.S. airport, on our website and telephone reservation system, and also upon inquiry from any person.

To the extent that flight status displays or other informational displays are controlled by Air Tahiti Nui at the U.S. airport where the flight has been delayed, cancelled, or diverted, we will use such displays to notify customers of the flight’s status change within 30 minutes or as soon as possible after we learn of the change. If the display system is controlled by the airport, we will provide airport authorities with the necessary flight information within 30 minutes after we learn of the change.

Properly Accommodating Our Customers’ Needs During Extraordinary Delays

When one of our flights experiences a lengthy tarmac delay, our “Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays” will be activated to ensure that our customers’ needs are properly accommodated during the delay.

Identifying the Services we Offer to Mitigate Inconveniences that Result from Flight Cancellations and Diversions

When one of our flights is cancelled and you miss a connection, we offer various services to mitigate any inconvenience you may experience. If your onward connection is booked on a separate ticket with another airline, this constitutes a separate contract of carriage with that airline. In this case, should your Air Tahiti Nui flight be delayed, you should proceed directly to the connecting airline and re-arrange your onward travel with them. If your onward flight with another airline is written on the same ticket as the Air Tahiti Nui flight, then Air Tahiti Nui will assist you in making new onward flight arrangements.

In the event of a cancellation or significant delay, we will do our best to reroute you on our next flight with available seats. Occasionally, one of our flights is diverted because of, for example, severe weather or a medical emergency, and forced to land at a different location than what was intended. In such cases, we will try to inform you before departure if we believe a diversion is possible and if the decision to divert is made after takeoff, the flight crew will inform you. If your diverted flight is diverted and subsequently cancelled, we will try to reroute you on another flight as soon as possible.

Delivering Our Customers’ Baggage on Time

Air Tahiti Nui will make every effort to ensure that your bags travel on the same flight as you. In cases where your travel originated with another carrier, our ability to deliver your bag on a timely basis is dependent on receiving the bag from that previous carrier. In the event that your baggage does not arrive with you, your immediate responsibility is to file a missing baggage claim prior to leaving the airport. This will help us locate your baggage and also allow us to explain the baggage recovery process. At the time that you file the missing baggage report you will be provided with a local baggage number which is (310) 258-9913 ext. 25. You will receive periodic notifications regarding the status of your baggage.

Air Tahiti Nui will make every effort to return your baggage within 24 hours. Once a delayed or misrouted bag is located, a delivery company will return the bag to your local address at our expense. Listed below are some circumstances that may inhibit our ability to return your bags within 24 hours.

  • You are located at a remote location or an “unreachable” address such as a cruise ship or a camping site;
  • You changed your delivery address but did not notify us;
  • We have limited flight schedules to your destination; or
  • No local name/address/phone numbers are provided.

When your missing baggage is located we will return it to you at your local address. If you have expenses because of such delays and are eligible to receive compensation under applicable treaties, we will compensate you for reasonable and necessary expenses as required by such treaties.

Properly Accommodating Our Customers with Disabilities and Special Needs

On covered flights, we will comply with all requirements of the DOT disability rules contained in Part 382. Interested customers can obtain a copy of Part 382 from the DOT by any of the following means:

  • For calls made from within the United States, by telephone via the Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities at 1 (800) 778–4838 (voice) or 1 (800) 455–9880 (TTY).
  • By telephone to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division at 1 (202) 366–2220 (voice) or 1 (202) 366–0511 (TTY).
  • By mail to:

    Air Consumer Protection Division, C–75,
    U.S. Department of Transportation,
    1200 New Jersey Ave., SE., West Building,
    Room W96–432,
    Washington, DC 20590

  • On the Aviation Consumer Protection Division's Web site


If a flight is overbooked and more passengers with confirmed reservations are present at the gate for departure than can safely fit on the aircraft, we will request volunteers to give up their seat. Volunteers will be compensated and booked on an upcoming flight. If enough passengers do not voluntarily give up their seats, we will be forced to deny boarding involuntarily in accordance with our boarding priority rules. In most cases, passengers who are involuntarily denied boarding on covered flights are entitled to compensation under United States law. We will, of course treat passengers who are involuntarily “bumped” with fairness and consistency, allowing for the fact that the laws of the country in which your ticket was purchased and if the overbooking is occurring outside of the United States, may be different and may take precedent over US DOT rules. If you have questions or would like additional information on our overbooking policies and the compensation mentioned above, please review our Conditions of Carriage or speak to one of our Representatives.

Ensuring Responsiveness to Our Customers’ Complaints

If a passenger has an unsatisfactory experience on one of our flights or while interacting with one of our employees, they may file a formal complaint to our Customer Relations Department. Every customer complaint will be read and acknowledged in writing within 30 days of our receipt of the complaint. If this initial communication does not fully address the concerns raised, we will send a substantive written response to the customer within 60 days.

Customer Relations can be reached immediately by visiting our contact us page

Or by writing through the U.S. Mail, and should be sent to:

Air Tahiti Nui - Customer Service
5901 West Century Blvd, Suite 1414
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Any written communication should contain the following information:

  • The name of the passenger concerned;
  • The booking number
  • The date and flight # concerning the complaint;
  • If not a complaint onboard the aircraft, the date and location of the event; and
  • The nature of the event.

We also have an employee solely responsible for monitoring flight delays, cancellations, and lengthy tarmac delays and determining how these events impact our customers on an individual basis.

Important Information regarding this Customer Service Plan

Legal Liability

This Customer Service Plan does not create contractual or legal rights, nor legally bind Air Tahiti Nui for actions taken in conformance with this plan. Air Tahiti Nui’s contractual rights and obligations are listed in the company’s conditions of carriage and applicable tariffs. These resources provide customers with additional information on the matters discussed herein, and should be carefully reviewed to ensure that customers fully understand their rights and our obligations.


Air Tahiti Nui will audit this plan at the end of each calendar year and this annual audit will be available to the DOT upon its request. The audit reports will be maintained for at least two (2) years by the airport manager at the U.S. airport served by Air Tahiti Nui.